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Dental Onlays

The Durable and Aesthetic Solution for Tooth Restoration

At CRE8 Smile Studio, we understand that each tooth plays a vital role in the beauty and functionality of your smile. Our custom-designed dental onlays are the perfect treatment for restoring your teeth’s structure while maintaining a natural look.

What Are Dental Onlays?

Dental onlays, often referred to as “partial crowns,” are custom-crafted restorations that repair a tooth that has been damaged by injury or decay. Unlike fillings that are molded into place, onlays are created in a dental lab before being fitted and bonded to the damaged tooth. Onlays cover one or more cusps of a tooth, or the entire biting surface, and are made from durable materials like porcelain, composite resin, or gold.

Benefits of Dental Onlays

  • Preservation of Natural Tooth: Onlays allow for more of the natural tooth structure to be preserved compared to crowns.
  • Strength and Stability: Onlays strengthen weakened teeth, potentially preventing further damage.
  • Aesthetics: They are matched to the tooth’s color, creating a more natural appearance than metal fillings.
  • Durability: With proper care, onlays are long-lasting and can endure the forces of chewing for many years.

The Onlay Procedure

  1. Initial Examination: We’ll assess your dental health and discuss whether an onlay is the best option for restoring your tooth.
  2. Tooth Preparation: The tooth is cleaned and reshaped to prepare for the onlay.
  3. Impression and Temporary Onlay: An impression of your tooth is taken for the onlay fabrication, and a temporary onlay is placed.
  4. Custom Creation: Your onlay is crafted in a dental lab to ensure a precise fit and natural look.
  5. Fitting and Bonding: Once ready, the temporary onlay is removed, and the custom onlay is bonded to your tooth.

Aftercare for Dental Onlays

Caring for onlays involves the same commitment as caring for your natural teeth: regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. This will help to maintain the onlay and the health of your surrounding teeth.

Are Dental Onlays Right for You?

Dental onlays are an excellent option for teeth that need more than a filling but less than a crown. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, an onlay might be the ideal solution for you.

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Onlays cover one or more of the tooth’s cusps or the entire biting surface, while inlays fill the space in between the cusps. Onlays are used for more extensive repair where more than just the interior of the tooth is affected.

Onlays can be made from various materials, such as porcelain, composite resin, and gold. Porcelain is popular for its durability and natural appearance.

With proper oral hygiene and care, dental onlays can last for many years, often decades. The longevity of an onlay also depends on the material it’s made from and the amount of wear and tear it experiences.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you should not feel pain during the process. There might be some mild discomfort or sensitivity following the procedure, but this typically subsides quickly.

Care for your onlay just as you would your natural teeth, with diligent brushing and flossing. Regular dental check-ups are also essential for maintaining the onlay and the overall health of your mouth.

Onlays are designed to blend in with your natural teeth. Porcelain and composite onlays can be matched to your tooth color, making them virtually unnoticeable.

Onlays are most commonly used on the molars or back teeth because these teeth endure the most pressure from chewing and often require more substantial restoration.

Onlays are more conservative than crowns because they require less removal of the tooth’s natural structure. They are an excellent option when the tooth’s damage doesn’t warrant a full crown but is too extensive for a simple filling.

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